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07 May 2009 @ 04:33 pm
The sneeze....

I can't stop sneezing...

Is it influenza?

or is it allergy?

The important thing is I'll drink the antihistamine and the antitussive drugs

Uh....how many pills should I drink each time...?

May be this time I should drink all? (;´・`)


Aaaa~~~ Jui... you're crazy~ =____=
07 May 2009 @ 04:09 pm


At least today is also a holiday

Starting from tomorrow, I'll do the mixing work again.

Talking about the things I'll do today at home, may be I'll decide the album song order.


should I decide it through lottery  ...I'm confused


Changing the topic, this year my passport will expireee

It means that it has been 5 years since my trip to France...

At that time such chance to go abroad was very rare.

Because of that, I applied for a 5-year passport, but

in this 5 years the stamps have quite piled up.

May be next time I'll apply for a 10-year passport

Recently, I have a theme of which view I'd like to show in the house I'm living; although those are above all the feeling and the things which are reflected in the eyes,

if I may tell about it,

In the world there are 200 countries nearby,

if all of them surround the earth, nothing is impossible;

but such an easy thing doesn't go that way.

Of course everything is like that right?

Maybe because it seems to return to these hands, human doesn't draw that wish.

Although there's nothing unreachable, in the other hand we can lose something...

However, in this place called earth, action and reaction work well.

Aa~ because when I look at my right hand's live line, it seems that I will live until 120 years later (laugh)

no matter how many years have passed, although I've got many wrinkles, I want to keep chasing many dreams

If I return to my first goal, although I think there are some satisfying moments when the dreams slowly come true,

above all those things, the happiest moment is when I'm talking and dreaming about that

For example, no matter if it's a small dream or a big dream, although people will underestimate it or say that it's impossible,

I think you can prove it

So, may be I should have my lunch.

07 May 2009 @ 03:16 pm
I LUV Sendai!


Yesterday I played games until 4 o'lock

When I saw my watch,

for me,

it was a foolish thing to do, but I didn't stop it.

Hmm, it's unusual that I get absorbed to games.

What's the title of the game I'm talking about?

It's called "Ryuu ga Gotoku"; although it's a dangerous heroic game...

and although Kabukicho (Shinjuku) and Souemoncho (Minami) may be the stage,

basically, it's a game about battles of hooligans, gangs and yakuza who meet in a city

So, at the moment I aim to be NO 1 host,

to be able to play for the night clubs,

and if it goes well, I'll be able to do "afuta-"* (laugh) (dehehe)

finally my adult desire is filled by games.

Although I think it doesn't give education to youngsters...

I'm glad because this time the 3rd part of the game seems to be released 

I change the topic,

Today I come to a reunion with my seniors in local Sendai Makana for the whole day

When I was still a naughty brat, I've made so many annoyance, and caused my seniors some troubles.

Of course we went to the lodge, and I also learnt many things from them.

Although you've just told me with your petits mails, actually I've got the information since long time ago.

I sent RUKA a mail soon of course

I really wanted to meet all of you

Seiren, Panic, NDP, Bloom, etc...

The old scenes revive,

The mistakes during those times,

the happy moments,

The disclosed things at the corner of my memory suddenly flows inside my head.

I can say that even until now, I'm quite close with Suzu-san cs from Bloom;

sometimes he comes to Uchira's LIVE, then we go camping together and drink...

Although we rarely meet recently, if I return to my birthplace, I want to play together again.

No matter how many times we've tried to stop my music activity,

for sure in the end,

we always feel that,

"No music, no life!", right?

Drug which is called music,

even though we are thinking to stop it,

for sure, no matter which hospital we go, that's the only addiction which can't be cured

Sendai Makana "Dead Angel"

I'm wishing from my deepest heart that it would be a great LIVE

*I really dunno what "afuta-" means~ In general, it can be translated as "after" but it seems that it is a part of that "Ryuu Ga Gotoku" game~

Just in case if you haven't known this information, "Ryuu Ga Gotoku" is a PS2 Game. In English version, it's called "Yakuza".
It's typically a boy-game~ full of fights, violence and sexual scenes~ :BBB

07 May 2009 @ 03:06 pm

Today there's 2 song selections in the office,

then after that, we will move to the front of temple's road to check the PV of the album song.

O Jui who is finishing a quite cool work art is really happy☆

For sure,

artist is gorgeous, eh!

From nowhere, an imagination appears inside their head.

To a painter : a canvas,

To a musician : melody and rhythm.

To a photographer : a film... etc

Although it might be not the exact example, when I think about it over and over again, it's a wonderful thing.

Hmm, wonderful.

That's all in this middle of the night.

Of course you and me have many things that we can't do.

Anyway, it's an unrelated topic, but

may be I got this influenza from Tero

I keep on coughing~ Coughcough... (-"-)

07 May 2009 @ 02:53 pm
It's mild outside.

Now I go to the office for the song selection.

If it can finish today, then tomorrow will be a holiday.

It's like a student's feeling on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I want to re-lax.

Today, Tokyo is warm.

...moreover I rarely get such premonition of being late.

So unusual eh.

No matter how many time I say, it's so unusual.

Although it's hardly said as Rame-tan style, it's so unusual (;´・`)

13 April 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Hello everyone!
Thanks so much for reading this blog!

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12 April 2009 @ 10:33 pm
The New Song is a Good Feeling

I am repeatedly listening to it many times, but the new song is a good feeling.

While saying I'll diet, I ate a bento with all my might at the recording studio.

But maybe my stomach being full is the cause, but when I am listening to the song I am tempted by sleepiness.

It's relax time

12 April 2009 @ 10:26 pm
ヴィドール シュンオフィシャルブログ「独り言ブログ」powered by Ameba-DVC00357.jpg
Rame-kun who holds a pink guitar.

Pink also is vivid and it's pretty.

It seems you can look at a pic with more light that this at Rame-kun's own blog.

Nowadays I worry about what color guitar suits me

12 April 2009 @ 10:20 pm

I knew about it for the first time when I passed it in the equipment vehicle.

They were doing Corteo at this kind of closeness to Harajuku!

I saw the CM and took an interest in it and if I have time I wonder if I'll try to go.

Nowadays it's until when they are doing it is bothering me
NOTE: He's talking about a Cirque du Soleil performance^_^

12 April 2009 @ 10:14 pm
New guitar
ヴィドール シュンオフィシャルブログ「独り言ブログ」powered by Ameba-DVC00361.jpg
I am planning if this guy'll be participating for me on the spring tour.

I used various new guitars for the album recording.

When it becomes that I have to change it so that I get various tone colors even at the live.

Nowadays I am anticipating it's completion